Can I Get All My Nutrient Value From Food?

Contributed by: Elvira Berdennicova, DPh, FAARM, ABAAHP. Ms. Berdennicova is a Registered Pharmacist at HCA, Trinity Medical Center

Why do we age, sometimes get sick or disease? The answer is: we do not age, get sick, or get diseases – our cells do. In order for our cells to stay healthy and replicate themselves in the right order, they need more than 90 ingredients: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 basic amino acids (building blocs for protein), and 3 fatty acids.  

A person's body is a chemically complicated factory; therefore, if one element is out of equilibrium, the whole system is out of balance. Although the effect will not be immediate, over a period of time, our systems get exhausted from buffering the negative effects of our adverse daily choices and adapt accordingly … resulting in individuals developing a variety of health issues.

OK, can I get all my 90 nutrients value from right kinds of food?

The simple answer is NO. But let us to ponder on that answer a little bit longer. You, probably, have heard the following phrase: “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.”  The next question would be: "what does our society eat today?" There is a lot of material about the fast-food industry and we are not going to repeat a well-known truth about the nutritional value such food or meal choices and we will not be discussing the motive of the fast-food chain companies.

In this discussion, we are going to focus on people who are REALLY concerned about their health and try to eat the right, healthy food, appropriate portion size, and at the right time. The magic formula of these three "right things to do" (i.e., right food + right size + right time) results in GOOD HEALTH! Unfortunately, without taking into consideration a level of stress and free radicals (we will talk about them in later articles as well, so stay tuned!) these well-minded people may get sick just as often as the people who do adhere to the "magic" formula above.  

How come? Let us take a look at what our farmers put in the soil in order to get a good harvest. There chemicals include: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Iron, Lime (which is Calcium). That means that farmers put back only 6 out of 90 elements. That's it! 6! Where are the other 84 elements? Because the other 84 elements will not increase the amount of crop output there is no need to worry and add them. As a result, our nutritional value of our fruits and vegetables has been depleted by long exploitation of our farm land. Our agricultural system works like this: you go to the bank and put in your account $30, but withdraw back $300, put $30, and draw $300 and on and on for years! How long will it last before your account is depleted? What is the Solution? We have a few suggestions: BUY ORGANIC!  USE SUPPLEMENTS: MINERALS, VITAMINS ANTI-OXIDANTS AND LEAD A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. We here, at Araliya, would like to help you to embark on the journey to better health and well being. Come in and explore our unique classes and programs. We can't wait to see you at Araliya!

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